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Enjoy Thanksgiving without the Weight Gain

Lifestyle  •  November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving is wonderful time to celebrate family, friendships and food. Even for those of us watching our weight and trying to stay healthy through the holiday season, there is no reason not to look forward to a holiday that celebrates FOOD; we just have to be mindful of how we go about our holiday eating. Tips for a healthy and fun Thanksgiving:

1) Plan to make some thanksgiving favorites in a lighter version: cooking light magazine and food network on-line always have lots of holiday cooking options that are authentic but less heavy.

2) Make extra interesting vegetable recipes, fewer starchy recipes.

3) In addition to the traditional pumpkin and apple pie, make a fruit salad for dessert with some light whipped cream.

4) Eat lightly on Thanksgiving Day before the big meal but don’t go hungry – this usually leads to overeating at the big meal.

5) Drink lots of water before and during Thanksgiving dinner to avoid overeating.

6) When you do make your Thanksgiving plate, load up on veggies and protein, make a smaller portion of the potatoes and stuffing, and only fill your plate ONCE.

7) If you choose to have dessert, get a small amount of sweet stuff and allow yourself to fully enjoy it!

8) Take an after dinner walk if weather permits. Life is always throwing us special occasion that have food as part of the celebration. It’s important to find ways to enjoy all of life’s celebrations without derailing our commitment to healthy eating and an overall healthy lifestyle.

My patients frequently tell me: “I can’t change my eating NOW! it’s barbeque season!” or “it’s almost my birthday” or “I’m going on a vacation soon”. There is no ideal time to go on a “diet” or to change to healthier eating. THE TIME IS NOW.

Luckily, there are 8-FDA approved medications for weight loss that make sticking to a healthy diet so much easier than ever before.

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