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Mindful Eating

Uncategorized  •  January 21, 2021


Mindful Eating

Mindful eating means being aware of your hunger and fullness.  It also means becoming more aware of all your senses before, during, and after eating, and paying more attention to how food tastes.

The average American spends 2.5 hours a day eating, but over half of the time they are doing something else while eating (driving, watching TV, etc.). When we eat while doing something else, we often lose awareness of what we are eating and how much we are eating. 

We need to pay attention to the food we eat and the process of eating.

8 steps to Mindful Eating from Harvard Medical School:

  • Work on your shopping list; buy healthy, unprocessed foods and avoid impulse shopping at the grocery store.
  • Don’t skip meals, come to the table hungry but not starving.
  • Start with a small portion.
  • Appreciate your food when you are eating it.
  • Bring all of your senses to the table. As you chew your food, try to identify the ingredients, especially the seasonings.
  • Take small bites.
  • Chew thoroughly.
  • Eat slowly.

Sometimes a few small changes in the way you approach food can make a big difference in the way you eat, your relationship with food, and your weight. 

We are all capable of making positive changes. 

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