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Spring Into Weight Loss

Lifestyle  •  April 30, 2019

Another year has come and gone, yet many of us are still stuck in the pattern of losing and regaining the same weight. Why is this pattern so hard to break?

There are many hormones that regulate our ability to lose and maintain weight loss; sometimes you need a little medical help to reach your goals. Needing help is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are struggling, take the critical first step and reach out for professional help.

Why is spring such a good time to work on weight loss and to succeed?

  1. We are less hungry in warmer weather
  2. We burn more calories in hot weather than in cool weather
  3. Mood is brighter with the increase in sunlight of spring and summer
  4. Seasonal depression rates are lower which decreases carb-cravings
  5. We are more aware of our bodies with less clothing to be bundled up under
  6. Fresher fruits are in season and are easily available

How to break past the barriers to weight loss?

  1. Work on chronic stress and improving sleep
  2. Increase your muscle mass with strength and resistance training
  3. Eat real foods in smaller portions
  4. Talk to a doctor about your medication and have your labs checked for any underlying medical conditions
  5. Work with an obesity-medicine specialist for comprehensive management of nutrition and to begin a discussion about safe, FDA-approved medications for weight loss. These medications are often what it takes to help promote healthy eating, curb unhealthy food cravings, and to change your energy physiology

Quick weight loss IS possible and is sustainable with a good medical approach and regular support!


Elyse Dishler, M.D.
Medical Weight Loss of Chery Hill

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