Losing weight can be a losing battle especially when you haven’t found a customized program that fits your mindset and your personal best.

And, if we’re being transparent, our team hasn’t only “seen” the pain of weight loss; we’ve lived it too. And today, we live for something else… your personal breakthrough.

New Patients

A full review of their past medical history, pertinent family history, current medication regimen, diet, exercise patterns, nutrition and eating patterns, and their history of weight loss or gain will be performed.

An initial visit will include all of the above plus a physical exam, EKG, slip for necessary labs, determination of BMI (body mass index) and then a comprehensive plan made with doctor and patient to begin to make changes toward achieving a healthy weight.

Success is within reach.
We will help you get there.

Some patients will require anti-obesity medication as part of their regimen; there are currently 8 medications which are very safe, effective and FDA-approved. Patients will be monitored closely in order to ensure that the medication is working well and that they maintain a healthy blood pressure.

The New Direction® Weight Management System

Patients struggling with excessive weight, especially those who have medical conditions as a result of their weight gain can be started on medical meal replacement, the New Direction® Weight Management System. Follow up appointments will be determined according to patient’s needs. Patients on medication and on the New Direction® meal replacement system will need more frequent monitoring.

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When our patients follow their individualized medical and nutrition plan they usually surprise themselves with how easy it is to both lose weight and maintain weight loss.

At Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill, an important core value is a respect for our patients. We will never pass judgment or blame. Patients will be treated with compassion and supported through all phases of weight loss and maintenance.

The coaching element of our program is something we take pride in – handholding and acting as a sounding board is our way of championing you. So, at the end of the day, you will never feel alone in your fight for wellness.

An important goal for each patient is to do more than just lose weight; it is to MAINTAIN weight loss long-term and to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable for improved health.

Losing just 5% of body weight will significantly reduce a patient’s risk of many diseases, such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, fatty liver diseases (currently the most common cause of cirrhosis in the US), type 2 diabetes, arthritis of the knees, hips and hands, heart disease and many forms of cancer.