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What are some of the best tips for weight loss?

Uncategorized, Weight Loss Tips  •  July 6, 2020

There are some things that work to help with ANY diet to move weight loss forward….what are these common things?

  • Cutting out added sugar
  • Decreasing refined grains like bread and pasta
  • Cutting out highly processed food (chips, cookies, canned soups, bacon, sausage, salami)
  • Adding in more real foods like vegetables and whole grains
  • Eating enough protein to support fat-burning and muscle growth.
  • Adding insoluble fiber for fullness and regularity (bran fiber, etc.)

Sticking to your diet and picking the RIGHT foods to eat will make your weight loss more successful no matter what diet plan you choose!!  With healthy eating and consuming smaller portions, you won’t even need to count calories.

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