The Finances of Obesity and Being Overweight

What to Expect During an Office Visit

FAQs  •  July 22, 2019

What to expect during your first visit at the office:

  1. A detailed medical, medication, and diet history as well as a physical exam
  2. An EKG if necessary
  3. A comprehensive weight loss plan based on your individual medical picture including:
    • advanced nutrition and protein recommendations
    • lifestyle modifications to promote weight loss
    • an individualized exercise prescription
    • a medical and laboratory work-up for treatable causes of excess weight and for medical issues that may be a result of increased weight
    • anti-obesity medication to support the physiologic and behavioral changes necessary for sustained weight loss.
    • discussion of the Optifast medical meal replacement program when rapid weight loss is needed

What to expect at a follow up visit:

  1. Assessment of the success and roadblocks in the initial plan
  2. Weight, blood pressure, a physical exam and lab review
  3. Problem solving to make improvements to the current plan and to further success with weight loss
  4. Motivation, advice and nutritional support

The key to success is working closely with Dr. Dishler and the staff at the office to constantly fine-tune your plan and stay on track.  Patients who come in regularly will generally have the best success with weight loss and maintenance of that weight loss.


Elyse Dishler, M.D.
Medical Weight Loss of Chery Hill

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