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Finding the silver linings of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Lifestyle  •  March 24, 2020

It’s easy to let your life be ruled by fear and to feel somewhat frozen during this strange new era in our lives.  So much is beyond our control and unpredictable, but there are always things to be gained even in the face of the current Coronavirus restrictions on our lives.

Now is a great time to focus on things that we don’t always have time for:

-time to spend extra quality time with family and friends, even if not in person.  The phone and facetime are good ways to catch up with those we don’t get to see very often.

-time for spring cleaning, clean out closets, the basement, the garage.

-spend time outdoors walking, biking, hiking, gardening.

-time to watch a great series on Netflix or Apple TV or to find some interesting documentaries.

-have some kitchen adventures: do some healthy cooking, baking or grilling.  Try recipes that you have never tried before.

-make a daily exercise goal: Peloton has offered a free app for home exercise for the next 90 days and YouTube has a great yoga teacher with many free classes; yoga with Adriene.

-if you have young children, make an obstacle course around the house using pillows and any other props you can come up with.

-make time to reflect on life, your values, what is truly important to you and what is NOT. 


This is in no way meant to minimize what is going on in the world right now, but I believe that we all need to find the positive during challenging times. 

Elyse Dishler, M.D.

Family Medicine/Obesity Medicine

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