When I was in middle school, I started to gain weight. I continued to gain weight in high school and college, but since I never was a big eater, I just assumed that being heavy was my “body type” and that I had to learn to live with it.

3 months ago, I started working for Dr. Elyse Dishler at Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill. I saw how she treated her patients and the success they were having with weight loss, and I decided to become her patient. I learned that even though I wasn’t eating much food, I wasn’t eating the right foods. After a full medical evaluation and diet history, Dr. Dishler recommended the Optifast Medical Meal Replacement System. I eat a high-protein bar or shake every 3 hours through the day and a healthy dinner. For the first 4 days I felt weird and a little hungry, but on day 5 everything changed. I didn’t feel hungry anymore and my energy increased. I became motivated to add in exercise and drink more water. I lost my junk food cravings. The weight started to come off, and now at just 10 weeks into the program, I am down 32 POUNDS!! I feel like a different person, and I am still surprised every time I walk by the mirror.

I am more motivated now than ever and can’t wait to see how much more I can lose and how much healthier I will feel. A phone consultation with Dr. Dishler is free, and you have nothing to lose but some stubborn weight!!

– Shannon S.


When I hit age 20, I started to gain weight. During my pregnancy at age 25 I gained 56 pounds. I was able to drop about 20 of those pounds on my own after having the baby but then my progress stopped. I tried so many diets and other fads that people claim make them lose weight. None of them worked for me. In August, I started to see Dr. Elyse Dishler of Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill. In just two short months I’ve lost another 15 pounds! Having a medically sound, FDA-approved option for weight loss has changed everything for me My appetite is suppressed, my energy is up, and I am not struggling to lose weight anymore. Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill is worth every cent. There is no other doctor out there who will spend an hour with you to create a personalized treatment plan and support you so completely along your weight loss journey. Dr. Dishler genuinely cares about your overall health and well-being, and she is teaching me how to make lifestyle changes that I can continue for a lifetime.

– Madison M.


Two years, ago almost to the day, I weighed in at 365 pounds – my heaviest weight. My weight was affecting every bit of my life from my relationships with friends, my husband and especially myself. I remember being embarrassed to take my kids to the pediatrician’s office because I literally couldn’t fit in the adult sized chairs in the waiting room. I knew I needed to make a change.

With the support and help of Dr. Elyse Dishler today I weighed in at 265 pounds. I still have a long way to go but I am so happy to have her in my support team to help me reach my goals!!!

– Tanya

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Dr. Elyse Dishler of Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill has been exactly what I needed in my journey for a healthier life with weight loss! Since beginning in late January 2019, I have used meal replacement and a healthy dinner for a little over 6 months, losing 42 pounds! It has been very doable and I love the ease of not having to think about food at times other than dinner. Dr. Dishler and her team are always available to support me in making healthy choices, even while I was on vacation! I have a long way to go – roughly another 40 pounds, but I feel great and am so grateful for my experiences at Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill!!

-Megann C.


Dr. Elyse Dishler of Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill has helped me immensely in overcoming my 20-30-pound weight fluctuation. As a physically fit woman, I had become discouraged about my weight gain and the inability to lose weight despite eating a proper diet. Under Dr. Dishler’s medical guidance and weight management plan, I’m happy to report that I’ve lost over 15 pounds and no longer struggle with cravings. Dr. Dishler is a miracle worker. She is warm, welcoming and supportive. She truly understands the struggle to lose weight and offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss. She gives me time and attention at every office visit with a thorough exam and a detailed review of food consumption and behavior. Through her medical guidance, support, and the use of low-dose medication for appetite suppression, I’ve lost weight and can sense normal hunger cues. I am developing habits that I know will last a lifetime.

– Dana P.


13 years ago, I delivered twins. When I left the hospital, I was 70 pounds overweight. I was too heavy for my frame, I was uncomfortable and self-conscious, and I was stuck in extra-large maternity clothes.

As a physician, I knew that it was standard to gain weight during pregnancy. What I was not prepared for was that I had slipped into the obese category and wasn’t sure just how to conquer this extra weight.

I tried to talk to my primary care doctor and gynecologist, and their response was always the same.  “You just had 2 babies, of course you are overweight, just be patient!”. I was made to feel like I should be grateful for having 2 healthy babies (which I was), but that I should just muddle forward with motherhood and be happy with my good fortune.

After a month of feeling exhausted and helpless, I realized that I had to get to work.  I hired a mother’s helper so that I had time to exercise and cook healthy foods.  I started with walking the twins in the stroller for 1-2 hours a day, then added on an hour at the gym.  I ate well, but I feel like the main thing that kept me in check with a “diet” was that I had little time to eat with 2 babies and a toddler. The field of Obesity Medicine/Bariatric Medicine didn’t exist yet, so I had no medical or emotional support to lose that weight.

A year later, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Losing 70 pounds was the hardest thing I had ever accomplished aside from getting through Medical School and Residency.  If I had to lose 70 pounds again, I don’t know if I would be able to do it without help medical help.

This experience gave me incredible emotional strength and engendered my dedication to helping my patients find the motivation and tools to lose weight. I recently became board-certified in Obesity Medicine so that now I am truly an expert in the area of medical weight loss and can treat the whole patient.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Elyse Dishler, M.D.

“I was able to lose 20 pounds in two months.”

My battle with my weight began after the birth of my first child. I gained 60+ stubborn pounds. Three pregnancies later I saw numbers on the scale that began with “2”. My efforts to lose this weight and get back to what was “normal” for me failed. I was able to lose 5-8 lbs in a stretch, lose my resolve, fail, and gain back what was lost plus a pound or two more. This cycle lead to me feeling resigned to the idea of this being my new normal.

I visited Dr. Dishler after a major surgery to repair a hernia. I feared that I would gain even more weight being forced to recover and take it easy. Dr. Dishler worked with me, counseled me and taught me new skills to manage my poor eating habits and binging. She helped me manage my appetite and learn new skills to improve myself. I was able to lose 20 pounds in two months. I cannot recommend this doctor enough. She will treat you kindly and thoroughly. Her weight loss program is doable and will get permanent results. I feel this experience has been priceless. Dr. Dishler gave me the ability to regain control and get this part of my life back.

– Anonymous

An important goal for each patient is to do more than just lose weight; it is to MAINTAIN weight loss long-term and to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable for improved health.

Losing just 5% of body weight will significantly reduce a patient’s risk of many diseases, such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, fatty liver diseases (currently the most common cause of cirrhosis in the US), type 2 diabetes, arthritis of the knees, hips and hands, heart disease and many forms of cancer.